Wadebridge campaign to stop 4th supermarket.

This initiative has been prompted by the proposal that Cornwall Council should sell Higher Trenant to Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s would demolish the building and create a superstore. It is difficult to decide which component of this plan is more destructive to Wadebridge.

1. A new major supermarket will present a powerful, and possibly fatal, threat to the heart of the town.

2. The Higher Trenant building has wonderful potential as the base for developments that would produce real economic, social and artistic benefits to Wadebridge.

3. The demolition of this valuable building would be prompted by short-term financial considerations on the part of the Council, and Sainsbury’s wish to access the substantial shopping spend in the town. It would thus be a double slap in the face for Wadebridge.

4. The promise of extra jobs is bogus as supermarkets destroy as many jobs as they create.

More information at: www.LoveWadebridge.com

3 thoughts on “Wadebridge campaign to stop 4th supermarket.

  1. Councils do not have sufficient funds to fight supermarket’s applications for planning consent. The only consolation is that Lord Sainsbury is reported to be giving away his considerable fortune to charity. Maybe a direct appeal to him would be more effective than to the planners and shareholders of yet another megalomaniac scheme to ruin Cornwall.Good luck Jill Cadman

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