St Piran’s day celebrations 2011

People all across Cornwall turned out

this weekend for Piran’s day celebrations.

Proud to be Cornish….

Truro parade led by Howard Curnow the
driving force behind St Piran celebrations,
alongside Tony Piper  Bewnans Kernow.

Mayor of Truro Ron Cooke spoke to the crowd
in the Cornish language,  pictured with
Chairman of Cornwall Council Mrs Pat Harvey.

The grand Bard of the Cornish Gorseth Mick Paynter
talks about what it means to be Cornish.

Flags rise for the Cornish National anthem Trewlawney.

Kernow Bys Vykken

St Piran’s day 2011 Truro

St Piran’s day 2011 Bude

St Piran’s day 2011 Redruth

St Piran’s day 2011 Bodmin

St Piran’s eve parade 2011 Penzance

St Piran’s day Perranporth – Piran arrives by boat.

Perranporth processional play through sand dunes to the sites of the oratory & mediaeval church.

St Piran’s day St Ives

St Piran the patron saint of Cornwall More about St Piran

3 thoughts on “St Piran’s day celebrations 2011

  1. would be nice to se more pictures of the public and fun not pictures of official people best photo was the little girl waving flag l

  2. Phili Mills says:

    Daa ew genam rag Kernewek:Good to hear the Mayor’s officiall welcome in Cornish again (1st time was 2006 withCllr Mills). I hope this will happen every year
    Next year: more local people, let’s fill up High Cross and Truro.

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