Snow in Cornwall

Snow in Cornwall UK . Photos of snow in the Cornish mining town of Redruth in the Duchy of Cornwall sent in by AndySnapz, almost looks like Wales. The Cornish flag of St Piran can be seen flying from the church. The roof tops covered in snow. Cornwall’s mining (info) industry and landscape gained World Heritage status in 2006

Snow in Redruth, Cornwall

World Heritage Status places Cornwall’s historic mining landscapes on a par with such international treasures as Stonehenge, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China but you may not have heard much about it in the media. Cornwall’s 5000 year tin mining history, and the Celtic culture it supported, is often ignored.

The railway in snow, Redruth, Cornwall

The rest of the UK was experiencing some of the deepest snow in 18 years.

A snow cat sent in by Ella from Northants England, who enjoys her visits to The Duchy.

Back down the Lizard and Britain’s most southerly point seems like a spring day, until you get out of the car. Snow clouds out at sea – drift across Mounts Bay heading for the Isles of Scilly.

Penzance vanishes from view as more snow clouds move inland. They were getting pretty excited on the Laurence Reed show, giving out snow reports for the whole of the  the Duchy of Cornwall! The moors really are a picture here

Lower Treave Camping and Caravan Park down at Lands End have lots of snow!

More snow at, Lands End  here

When it snowed in Newquay here

Some really good photos of Snow West Penwith here

Cornish mine in snow

February 2009

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