Red Balloon – incinerator St Dennis

Ballon goes up on January 28th  here

Cancelled until weather permits

Cornwall Council’s Spatial Planning section has today confirmed that the proposed balloon raising event at the planning application site for the proposed Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) in St Dennis will not take place this week due to a forecast of poor weather conditions.

“Dydh da oll,

Hot off the press.

There will be a RED BALLOON flown above the intended incinerator site at St Dennis on the morning of the 20th January.

The full CCC planning committee will attend in the afternoon of the same day.   The balloon will stay in place until the 22nd of January.  Weather permitting of course.

Because it will have to fly at over 400 feet, and the ground it would stand on is just under 1000 foot above sea level, there will be nowhere in Kernow that you will not be able to see the thing. Anywhere you can see the clay tips this balloon will be above them.  Think if this incinerator is built and the chimney is at the height of this huge balloon there would be a 16metre or 40+ feet across, chimney sending forth dioxins which would contaminate the whole of our Duchy in a few years.

We have to thank the councillors for doing this for us not SITA.

All the people living and working in any part of our Duchy have to know about this happening, so as they can see who is telling
the truth in all of this.  We will need photos from every area of our Duchy to prove as to the facts of the things we are saying, can any of you help us in this?

Dyw genes

Elizabeth  Hawken MRSH  Chair CSWN”

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