A meeting of Cornish organisations took place at the end of March, to explore how they might work together to win a better deal for Cornwall.  Organisations represented at the meeting included Mebyon Kernow, , Cornish Heritage Company Limited, Celtic Congress and Celtic League.

The organisations all have similar aims of supporting and promoting Cornish issues, culture, history and language.  Working together, it is considered that these organisations could have a powerful impact on Cornwall’s future.

The first meeting focussed on campaigns to recognise Cornish nationhood and the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. The different organisations agreed to work together to make representations to a wide range of bodies including the UK Government and the European Parliament demanding recognition through the Convention.

Wendy Curnow, Celtic Congress, said:

“All the organisations will continue to pursue their own individual campaigns and events.  All those who attended the meeting were delighted that the organisations were able to meet together, come to an amicable decision and will meet again on a regular basis.  This could be of great benefit to Cornwall and its people.”

Cllr Dick Cole, Leader of Mebyon Kernow, added:

“It is healthy and heartening that so many people, who share a keen passion for Cornwall, are keen to work together for the benefit of Cornwall as a whole. I am hopeful that this initiative will be a success.”

8 thoughts on “KUNTELLYANS KERNEWEK Cornish Gathering

  1. The Cornish Democrat is a green eyed monster now. Great story and really good news. Lets hope these meetings continue and expand to include other pro-Cornish groups and individuals.

  2. John Cutcliffe says:

    An utter waste of time buggering about with the Framework Convention, it is dead in the water.
    We are the only indigenous people wasting time on it.
    The future is the United Nations, let us get on with it.

  3. Roy Gill says:

    About time we Cornish stuck together whether it be to gain inclusion in The Frame Work Convention or United Nations. Lets stand up together.

  4. Indeed Roy. Whether its the FCNM, UN treaties or any other campaign lets ensure this unity continues and grows.

    The most vital thing is to ensure clear and open communication between all the groups and individuals involved and not leave things up to one or two individuals from each group.

  5. Abieuan says:

    With the percentage of Cornish people compared to English people in the UK, unity is essential, as it was for Scots and Welsh to make the progress they have.
    The SNP had/has many different left, right, other, factions – but a united front was/is more important.
    Mebyon Kernow is the vehicle which will drive Cornwall forward in constitutional terms.
    All aboard !

  6. Shiners Bone says:

    “And the CNP turned up out of no where to trouble the waters.”

    My thoughts exactly, why now?

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