Keep Cornwall Whole

Driving back across the Tamar Bridge into Cornwall, no ordinary border.

The government want to make constituency sizes more equal which  is a  reasonable idea in general. However this process will ignore all historical borders, feelings of community etc, which could mean parts of Cornwall being split off and joined with parts of Devon for seats.

Keep Cornwall Whole is a campaign set up by Adam Killeya, Mayor of Saltash, in response to the threat of parts of Cornwall, possibly including Saltash, being split off and joined with parts of Devon for parliamentary purposes.

This campaign is supported by a range of people from across Cornwall and indeed Devon: some are Cornish, some are not. Some are politically active (for a range of parties) and some are not. Some believe in home-rule for Cornwall and some do not.

Keep Cornwall Whole want to alert people to this potential threat and encourage them to get involved in arguing that Cornwall should remain whole.

The Cornish border has a long history.  “King Athelstan (925-940AD) set out on an expedition against the Britons of Cornwall.

“In the end the Britons of Cornwall were compelled to accept the river Tamar as their boundary”.   (‘Anglo-Saxon England’ by F.M. Stenton F.B.A., Professor of Modern History in the University of Reading, Clarendon Press, Oxford,, 1947, page 337).

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