New group gathering support for September 27th launch

Cornwall Council’s Local Plan (Core Strategy) for the next twenty years is moving towards a critical decision. It includes a housing target of 48,000 houses, well up on the 41, 320 actually built in the last twenty years. Twenty-five per cent of these houses will be for local need, and the rest will provide for a further growth in Cornwall’s population of up to 80,000 additional, new people.

These figures alarm many people. Why? Because Cornwall’s population has already increased by nearly 60% since the 1960s. How much more can it take without seriously damaging the environment and harming Cornwall’s future economy and community life? If the proposed growth rate continues, Cornwall’s population of 532,000 will be near one million by the end of this century.

A new group, ‘Our Cornwall’ has been formed by a number of campaign groups to challenge the Cornwall Local Plan and the hyper-growth strategy it endorses. It intends to present an alternative, more sustainable and sensible case for Cornwall.  An Open Letter, currently signed by a number of groups fighting unnecessary over-development in their own towns, has been written to all Cornwall Councillors. ‘Our Cornwall’ is currently inviting other organisations, including parish and town councils, to sign it.

All over Cornwall pressure is growing on Cornwall Council to change its view, to challenge the Government about Cornwall’s future and to build only for critical need. Cornwall Council’s economic strategy emphasises the role of food production, food processing and tourism as the central core of future prosperity and activity. And yet its housing strategy undermines this intent by planning to build on many acres of greenfield land essential for food production.

Dr Bernard Deacon of Our Cornwall says:

“As the latest statistics from the Census and the Office for National Statistics show that population growth in Cornwall is finally slowing down it makes no sense at all for the Council to be planning to speed it up. We are keen for other groups fighting unwanted and unnecessary building development that wish to add their names to the Open Letter to get in touch with us at itsourcornwall@yahoo.co.uk .”

Cllr Mrs Armorel Carlyon, a Truro City Councillor, former convenor of Carrick CPRE and a retired Cornwall County Councillor says:

“This is a critical moment in preparing for the next century but Cornwall Council seems complacently content to carry on as usual. This is not good enough – the time for communities, businesses, local authorities to stand together and forge a real plan for Cornwall has come.”

The letter and the campaign will be formally launched on Thursday 27th September at 12pm at Cornwall Council, Truro – the same day as the Strategic Planning Committee determines an application for a hotly contested major housing scheme in St Austell.

For further details please contact:

Bernard Deacon (tel: 01209 211923 or email: bernarddeacon@yahoo.co.uk)

Enough is enough. An open letter to Cornwall Councillors.

Dear Councillors,

Cornwall Council’s Core Strategy is not a responsible or coherent plan for the future of Cornwall.

Since the 1960s Cornwall’s population has grown by 200,000 people or almost 60 per cent. That’s four times faster than Wales, three times faster than England and 73 times faster than Scotland. Excessive population growth has clearly not worked to produce the economic benefits its supporters claim or solve our lack of affordable housing. Yet all the Council offers us is more of the same.

The Council’s Core Strategy proposes at least 48,000 houses over the next 20 years. It could be as many as 60,000. This increases the building rate of the past 20 years and is designed to accommodate 100,000 more in-migrants. To meet local need and to support a stable population Cornwall actually needs about 12,000 to 13,000 houses.

The current plans mean that we will have to build the equivalent of five new Truros, four new St Austells or two and a half new Camborne-Redruths in the next two decades alone. On present trends we are well on course to double the population to a million people by the end of this century.

We believe this is too high a price to pay. Those things that make Cornwall special – its heritage, its culture, its landscape, its biodiversity – are placed under serious threat. Instead, the Council’s plans will produce

  • massive estates on green field sites
  • soulless car-dependent suburbs
  • more traffic congestion
  • more pollution
  • declining town centres
  • irreversible environmental damage
  • significant loss of agricultural land

Enough is enough. This million-plus population strategy is destructive. We ask councillors to think again before the damaging effects of excessive population and housing growth are felt across Cornwall. We need an alternative to this outdated and damaging policy of population-led gr

Trelawney Alliance (Camborne)

Truro Concern

Save our Unspoilt Land (St Austell)

Cornish Social and Economic Research Group

CPRE Cornwall


  1. Joe Cummins says:

    Take this right back to where it;s come from..the EU!
    They should be perfectly capable of stuffing it ..such as to cause a smile to form across the whole of Cornwall!
    Vote them out at every chance!
    God Bless!

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