CFF – Most ever raised for Cornish

CFF – Most ever raised for National minority group

Cornish community members and supporters raised at peak, just over £40,000 in pledges in only a few months, in a bid to raise enough money to take the UK Government to Court, no other minority cultural group has matched this amount of community support.

All other National minorities rights have been acquired through legal action brought about via direct or indirect government funding. Only the Cornish have been left to fund their own case.

The Cornish Fighting Fund idea was the master plan of John Angarrack who has been campaigning for twelve years to gain formal recognition for the Cornish under the Framework Convention for the protection of National Minorities. Angarrack saw victory in 2002 when a successful campaign by Cornwall2000 meant 20,000 Cornish school children now take the opportunity to register as Cornish.

The amount needed was £100,000 which was quite a large target in a six month period, given that Cornwall is one of the poorest regions in the UK and there is a recession on.

The deadline for the fund which started in June was 31st December 2008. The fund has now closed.

John Angarrack is an author on Cornish affairs.

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