porthleven food festival 2016

Brigantine ‘Eye of the Wind’ bound for Tall Ship Regatta

Brigantine ‘Eye of the Wind’ bound for Tall Ship Regatta “Open ship” presentation in Falmouth and London-Royal Greenwich Around 35 years ago the traditional square rigger ‘Eye of the Wind’ was the flagship and base camp of the renowned scientific expedition “Operation Drake”. HRH Charles, Prince of Wales himself steered the proud brig while he […]

porthleven food festival 2016

Penzance seafront – A Way forward

Over the last couple of years, the Route Partnership’s Isles of Scilly Link Project has exercised and focused many minds in the community on what is appropriate development for the seafront of our town. That ultimately failed proposal has been sadly divisive for the community, but it is notable that what everyone involved in the […]


An Improved Scheme for the Isles of Scilly Link

An Improved Scheme for the Isles of Scilly Link Saves around £25m compared with Cornwall Council scheme, provides a stimulus for economic growth and regeneration, makes the most of local resources, conserves coastal heritage, and dramatically reduces the risk to the Council and to council-tax payers. In response to calls from the Department of Transport […]


Newquay Fish Festival 2009

“The Festival gives Newquay an opportunity to showcase one of its hidden gems ‘the harbour’ and has proven an extremely popular event with both residents and visitors. The event takes place in September as a follow on to the main holiday period, and has been blessed with marvelous weather every year.  The practical cookery demonstrations […]

porthleven food festival 2016

Boats Fal Estuary – Porthalstock – photos

Lots of boats can be seen at the mouth of the river Fal. During a recession this is quite normal, but its been quite a lot of years since this has happened. These boats have to wait around for their next cargo, which could be months. The Harbour master said “If the river is empty, […]