Campaign to Stop Major development near St Austell

Coyte farm ~ photograph Matthew Farcey

Coyte Farm is currently green fields just to the west of St Austell, at St Mewan, just off the main Truro road. Proposals would see this concreted over to create  a retail area bigger than St Austell town centre.

The St Austell community and local businesses are uniting behind a campaign to save the town centre from being killed off by a huge out-of-town superstore and retail park.

In order to Stop Coyte Farm from getting the go ahead, @StopCoytefarm are asking for support in helping stop the massive Coyte Farm development.

Coyte Farm would be the third largest retail space in Cornwall and a bigger shopping area than the existing St Austell town centre – which could kill trade and lead to business closures and job losses.

It’s not just St Austell though. The impact of such a massive development threatens businesses and jobs in Bodmin, Newquay, Wadebridge, and as far away as Truro to the west and Liskeard to the east.

Don’t let our Cornish town centres be destroyed. Join the Stop Coyte Farm campaign now and say NO to Coyte Farm.

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