Charter Day celebrations bi-annual event announced

Today marks the anniversary of the The Charter of Pardon 1508. Five hundred and one years ago King Henry VII of England granted the tinners of Kernow (Cornwall) a pardon for which they paid the sum of £1000.

This charter is still legal today as confirmed as valid by the Lord Chancellor in 1977, it includes the right to veto acts of the Monarchy, the Westminster Parliament and the Duchy of Cornwall.

Cornish Heritage hosted celebrations last year to mark the Quincentenary. An abridged version of the Charter was read out by Anthony Richards (see video below.) More on last years celebrations here

After the success of last years event Cornish Heritage have announced that they intend to make Charter Day a bi-annual event.

They are asking for support, donations, feedback and idea’s for the next celebration planned for July 2010.

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