Allantide / Calan Gwaf

Traditionally a Celtic festival to mark the end of summer. A time of feasting as food was plentiful, a time for slaughter as the grass stops growing and the weather is cold enough to keep meat.

In the celtic mind this was the point in the year when the veil between this world and the other worlds was most accessible.

Bonfires were an essential part of the feasts and sometimes the bones of the cattle were burnt on the fires. Divination was also common, apples and nuts were often used in the rituals and jack o laterns were carved from turnips. Polished apples were gifted to members of the family as a symbol of good luck and strong health as the cold winter loomed ahead.

In Gaelic Celtic culture children went from door to door giving performances of dance and song in exchange for pocket money; a far cry from the banality of today’s hollywood style, commercial driven trick- or-treat fiasco.

Have a Happy Allantide

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