Brigantine ‘Eye of the Wind’ bound for Tall Ship Regatta

Brigantine ‘Eye of the Wind’ bound for Tall Ship Regatta

“Open ship” presentation in Falmouth and London-Royal Greenwich

Around 35 years ago the traditional square rigger ‘Eye of the Wind’ was the flagship and base camp of the renowned scientific expedition “Operation Drake”. HRH Charles, Prince of Wales himself steered the proud brig while he was patron of this almost two-year circumnavigation in the footsteps of the famous explorer and scientist Sir Francis Drake. Now the ‘Eye of the Wind’ is about to return to London for the first time since 1980 after joining this year’s Falmouth Royal Greenwich Tall Ship Regatta.

Sailing the waters of the Commonwealth under the British flag

Certified as a civil sail training vessel and registered in the home port Jersey, the ‘Eye of the Wind’ is sailing under the Red Ensign. After visiting several British overseas territories such as Anguilla, Bermuda and Gibraltar in 2013, her crew is now about to set sail for Cornwall and London. Following the Tall Ships Regatta from Falmouth to Royal Greenwich the journey continues to the Canary Islands, further west across the Atlantic and to the Carribean British Virgin Islands. Interested sailors are welcome any time – sailing experience is not necessary and active participation is completely voluntary.

Open-Ship presentation

As well in Falmouth as in Royal Greenwich you are invited to visit the brig, which has by the way served as film setting for Hollywood productions on several occasions. During daily open-ship events the crew will answer all questions about the ship and its history to guests and ship lovers. Admission is free, fun is guaranteed.

Open-Ship in Falmouth:
Thu. August 28 until Sun. August 30, 2014: daily from 12.00 – 6.00 pm.
Mooring area: County Wharf in Falmouth Docks

Open-Ship in London – Royal Greenwich:
Sat. September 6 until Mon. September 8, 2014: daily from 10.00 am – 7.30 pm.
Mooring area: Victoria Deep Water Terminal (close to „The O2“ arena, North Greenwich).

The ’Eye of the Wind‘ – a unique sailing legend with a Hollywood-past

For 103 years already the seaworthy brig has crossed the oceans of this planet. Built as a topsail schooner in 1911 the ship was first named ”Friedrich“ and used as a cargo vessel. After passing through several different proprietors, a change of name, beaching and a fire in the engine room the ship’s end seemed to be inevitable in 1970. Instead a British sailing enthusiast started to rig the ship anew. In 1976 the two-master with its new name ‘Eye of the Wind’ was ready to sail the seas again. After rounding the globe followed the expedition “Operation Drake” under patron Prince Charles.

The majestic appearance of the Tall Ship also caught the film industry’s attention and so the ‘Eye of the Wind’ defied storms, ran ashore, caught fire and sank in front of the camera, too. Hollywood-stars like Brooke Shields and the Academy Award®-winners Tommy Lee Jones und Jeff Bridges were steering the ship. In “White Squall” (1996) and other action movies the sailing Hollywood-diva was used as film setting. For further information please visit

Short profile ‘Eye of the Wind’

  • Type: Brig
  • Year of construction: 1911
  • Length: 40.23 m [131 ft], Width: 7.01 m [22 ft]
  • 2 masts; 750 m2 sail area
  • 6 comfortable cabins for 12 guests
  • Up-to-date safety standards
  • Parlor with on-board library, deck parlor, sun deck
  • Radio (worldwide), satellite phone, Fax, Internet

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