FCNM – Local Cornish History education for Cornwall’s schools?

The role and purpose of the FCNM is to provide protection for national minorities in the EU. In the UK, the Cornish put forward to be included in the treaty for the first time in 1999. This was rejected by the UK Government, in fact the Cornish were singled out as not eligible. This time round in the The United Kingdom’s Draft 3rd Report Cornish are once again not mentioned, but the Cornish Language is included as one of the 25 UK and foreign languages in the Language Ladder framework in which qualifications are available. Formal recognition for the Cornish people within the FCNM treaty could mean amongst other things local Cornish history education for children in Cornwall’s schools.

Human rights campaigners saw victory in 2002 when a successful campaign meant 20,000 Cornish school children now take the opportunity to register as Cornish.

The people supporting Cornish inclusion to the FCNM list are the Council of Europe’s Advisory Committee, the Commission for Racial Equality, Cornwall County Council, Cornwall Council, Cornish MPs, MK, Cornish organisations and NGOs and many concerned and informed individuals.

For further information it might be suggested you write to your local councillor or MP.

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