Bicentenary celebrations in Portreath

THIS weekend’s bicentenary celebrations in Portreath were led by world class sportswoman Lenna Hawkey. The festivities were held to mark 200 years since the creation of the Portreath to Poldice tramroad, which linked the Duchy’s inland mines with Portreath harbour.

At Portreath, Cornish copper ore would then be transported to South Wales for smelting, and coal from South Wales imported to power Cornish engines in return. The event was a re-enactment of the copper for  coal exchange for which a 40ft Cornish Lugger was sailed into the harbour. The director of the National Maritime Museum in Wales was onboard to take part in the proceedings and highlight the historic bond between the two Celtic Nations.

The village procession led by Cornish fiddlers, complete with pack-horses, and a horse-drawn carriage with Mr Williams of Scorrier House on-board, and traditional dancing by local children.
After stopping at the harbour it continued to Greenfield Gardens, and finished with the unveiling of a replica early 19th-century tram wagon built by Pool Business and Enterprise College and mounted on cast iron plates and original set stones.  Local children also received a limited edition De Dunstanville Cornish Penny minted in copper especially for the bicentenary by the Cornish Mining World Heritage Management team .

Photos by Cornish Heritage Contributor to The UNESCO Cornish Mining World Heritage Status

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