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March 22nd 2008

Locally sourced produce is a big marketing angle these days. You don't get any more local than the 'trust' shops you find all over Cornwall. Some things never change in Cornwall, thankfully.

They come in all shapes and sizes, no staff wages, grown a hundred yards away, free parking and you pick it up on passing. Simply green Cornwall.

Or shall we push for a new Supermarket 10 miles up the road in Helston, near the soon to be extended Tescos?

Authentic Cornish countryside aroma being added as a last minute preparation for the Easter break.

Photos and Information Cornwall March 2008

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Eat out in Cornwall


Eat Out in Cornwall

Now you can send a text message to almost all the restaurants, pubs & take aways in Cornwall.

Your message will appear live on that restaurants FTI-Phonebook web page

Did you have a great meal? Did you have bad service, send your comments, send in your vote now.

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