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Feb 27th 2008

Teapot Tree

This could be the very last teapot tree left in Cornwall. Its location near the Lizard cider Barn is kept secret to protect it from teapot tree collectors who would sell their Choughs to get their hands on one.

The daffodils first appear in the Scilly Isles as early as December, this field in West Cornwall is probably passed its 'pick by' date already. Daffs are picked by hand, back breaking work to the uninitiated and brings your arms out in a rash if you touch the plants too much. To stand in the rain, pick ten flowers all the same length, put a couple of elastic bands on them and put them in a box earns you about 6 or 7p. Or it used to a few years ago, don't know if the Polish picker earn the same though. To turn this job into an hourly rate would harm the spirit of daff picking considerably.

What appears to be a holiday cottage, out in the back of beyond, the owners could be out at work, though you can often tell by the lack of atmosphere, homes feel different from the outside when they're empty for long periods.

These sort of homes look better with smoke coming out the chimney and Cornish people living inside.

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