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19th Feb 2008

Sunset behind wheal

Tonights sunset in Cornwall fell perfectly behind this wheal.

Sheep on road

View across the Great Flat Lode located to the south of Carn Brea, Camborne, West Cornwall.
"Lode" is a Cornish mining term for a mineral vein. Most Lodes are 60-90 degrees to the horizontal, this Lode is only 10 degrees.

Mullion Harbour

South Crofty headgear, as taken from Tesco Extra's carpark. Tin will be coming to the surface again soon as Crofty sets the record for being the last working Cornish tin mine to close and the last one to open. With world tin prices around $17,000 today, compared with $6000 when it closed in 1998, Crofty looks set to generate £millions from within Cornwall and keep alive the deep metal mining industry that is so engrained in the Cornish culture and history. So significant was the Cornish mining industry that a certain square mile in this area was once the richest square mile on Earth. In 2006 Cornish Mining gained World Heritage status. Its up there with Taj Mahal!

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