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14th Feb 2008

Daffodil picking in Cornwall 2008

Daffodil pickers in Cornwall. Once upon a time these pickers would have been a mix of locals and travellers working the season. Even up to a few years ago this work was done mostly by locals, these days you'll have a job to find an English speaking worker in Cornish daffodil fields.

Godolphin house, Cornwall

Gate way to Godolphin house. The original Castle was demolished around 1475 and along with large parts of the early gardens which were swept away. A new house was built using the increasing family wealth. The Godolphins, who made their wealth from the local tin and copper mining industry centered on Godolphin Hill which lay within the bounds of the Godolphin family estate, were a successful family who over the generations built and improved Godolphin House.

The Blue Anchor Inn, Helston, Cornwall.

The Blue Anchor Inn, Helston, A fifteenth century Cornish pub, probably the oldest one in Cornwall. When it was built almost all the locals would have only spoken the Cornish language. At the end of the 15th Century the impoverished people of Cornwall marched to London in protest at yet more rising taxes, imposed on them by the English King (Cornwall was still recognised as a separate Country to England at that time) to fight his war against Scotland, whom many Cornish people would have seen as a fellow Celtic country. The march to London and the slaughter of thousands of Cornish men at Blackheath is commemorated each year in the nearby village of St Keverne where the local Blacksmith and Cornish hero Michael Joseph An Gof (the Smith) started the march.

500 years later the village of St Keverne organised a walk to London following the same route as their brave ancestors. It is quite feasible to think that Cornwall's national hero may have had a pint or two in the pub pictured above. Back then, the population of Helston was approx 300 yet there were 30 breweries in the town at the time! Spingo ale is still brewed to this day at the Blue Anchor Inn and is a very tasty brew that takes you back in time the more drink it.

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