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Watch the dolphins chasing a speed boat in Newquay Bay captured HERE on the FTI Dolphin video
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12th Feb 2008

Fistral Beach Newquay

A beautiful day at Fistral Beach Newquay Cornwall...

Cliff Road

For centuries Newquay was an important Fishing village and trade route to Wales and Ireland for the Cornish tin industry. Newquay today is quickly turning into Benidorm. The 'apartment block' being built here looks as if it has just dropped out of the sky into Newquay's high Street!

A few weeks ago the view of Porth Island and Tregurian Bay from this position was an awesome sight that few will remember, gone forever in the name of redevelopment..

Old Cornish road
An old road which runs parallel to the A30, A wheal stands proudly on the landscape and one can imagine the miners used this route on their way to work, Cornwall's mining gained World Heritage status in 2006. The history of Cornish mining is etched into the landscape with capped mine shafts, wheal houses and also the headgear on the tin mines that still work the ore today.

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