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10th Feb 2008

There is something to be said for being in the right place at the right time, today was one of those days. Moored at Cadwith on the Lizard was "Matthew" dropping a passenger off to his home in the village before embarking on a journey North. The boat is a replica of the one used over 500 years ago by John Cabot who unknown to most people discovered America before Christopher Columbus.

A closer look at Matthew... on first impression and a little romanticism, Cornish pirates came to mind - one could easily drift back especially when surrounded by the old charm of the Cornish fishing village of Cadwith. The skipper of the boat spent his childhood, learning about boats and the ocean from the Cornish fisherman in the village. It was like old times as the locals congregated around the harbour to see this rare vessel.

Britain and Cornwall's most southerly point, The end of The Lizard Peninsula.


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