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April 10th 2008

An Adder. Britain's only poisonous snake and very easy to recognise. This specimen looks like a male; males tend to appear earlier than females which are slightly larger and more brown in colour. The vivid black markings are more distinguished in the male of the species.

The photographs were taken by a Mr. Barrie Wray who was sitting with his partner when they, and the snake, were disturbed by a dog out walking with a group from Walkitcornwall, who offer guided walking trips around the Lizard and other areas of Cornwall.

The photo was taken at the most southerly tip of Cornwall, Lizard point, shown below. Ironically, the rock its next to is a piece of Serpentine, a soft multi-coloured rock only found in a few locations in Britain. A strip about ten miles by two miles of Serpentine cuts across the far south of the Lizard peninsula. Its name probably comes from the snakeskin appearance of the rock. You can buy souvenirs made from Serpentine from many of the workshops and gift shops in Lizard village.

The most southerly point is just to the right of the lifeboat station. Lizard lighthouse stands proud in the background. This area is one of the best places to spot a Cornish Chough, a red billed, red legged member of the crow family that is the national bird of Cornwall. Choughs were once a common sight across Cornwall until their disappearance in the 70's. In 2000 a pair of Choughs reappeared around the Land's End area and began breeding again. They now number in double figures following a successful breeding program called Operation Chough carried out by the conservation team at Paradise Park. They have a live 'nestcam' on their website at the moment were you can stay up to date with their latest brood.

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